Orti urbani


LEARNING BUBBLES è una sperimentazione di collaborazione tra mondi molto diversi: la scuola, gli orti urbani comunitari ed il mondo digitale. Una proposta che cerca di coniugare la bellezza dell’ambiente naturale, l’innovazione tecnologia e la tradizione per promuovere il benessere delle proprie comunità locali.

Internships abroad

The Gardeniser Pro pathway includes for 8 Gardeniser Trainees, selected among the participants in the local training courses, the opportunity to do a 1-week internship abroad working in an urban garden of another European country and side-by-side with a local Gardeniser.

ECVET credits

The European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) is a European instrument to support lifelong learning aiming at building a European framework for recognising vocational qualifications.


The main purpose of the platform is to match demand with supply, connecting gardens with the different roles in the garden (educational, therapeutic, etc.) and with Gardenisers who have obtained the Gardeniser Licence participating in the training course and the internship. The Gardeniser Pro online platform is designed to meet a variety of functional, technical and business requirements.

Training courses

A local training programme is provided by specialised staff (Gardeniser Trainers) in each of the partner countries and it is addressed to 20 selected Gardeniser Trainees, namely young people and adults that handle urban gardens in various ways, both in the public and private sectors, who want to increase or complete the competencies necessary in order to fulfil the role of coordinator of urban gardens.

Training for trainers

A specific format has been developed – mixing and perfecting the French and English traditions on urban gardens that are some of the strongest traditions on this topic in Europe – with the purpose of ensuring the appropriate preparation of those trainers that wish to implement training for an Gardeniser Trainees at a local level.