Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Gardeniser Pro E-Platform... why?

Online platforms are becoming more and more significant because of their ability to deliver benefits to different kind of users. In most cases these are consumers or businesses but, in this particular case, are mostly urban gardens, gardeners, Gardenisers, Local Authorities, and stakeholders interested in urban gardens in general and the role of the Gardeniser in particular. Online platforms allow all these different users to get together, share information and even create job opportunities or skills that otherwise would not be possible.

A user-friendly and sustainable online platform has been developed for Gardeniser Pro to support the employability of the Gardenisers. It is available in the 5 languages of the consortium – English, French, German, Italian, and Greek – with the possibility of developing further versions in other languages in the future if other organisations from other countries become involved. 

The main purpose of the platform is to match demand with supply, connecting gardens with the different roles in the garden (educational, therapeutic, etc.) and with Gardenisers who have obtained the Gardeniser Licence participating in the training course and the internship. The Gardeniser Pro online platform is designed to meet a variety of functional, technical and business requirements.


Sections and resources available on the platform

  • A section dedicated to the description of the project Gardeniser Pro with free access for the public to the Training for Trainers Format and to the TRAINING KIT for the professional training course for Gardenisers with ECVET validation, which are available online and for download in English. Four further versions of the Training Kit, containing the common introductive part and just the activities chosen to implement the course at a local level, are also available online and for download translated in the other partnership’s languages (French, Italian, German and Greek).


  • A section dedicated to the description of the Gardeniser with a description of the possible areas of expertise required, in terms of knowledge, skills, attitude and expertise which a Gardeniser should have in order to be able to support  the development of an urban/community garden.


  • Specific sections dedicated to the Gardenisers who completed the training pathway and to the Gardeniser trainers – with information about their profile, their Gardeniser Licence, where and when they are available for implementing further training activities, whether they are available to work as Gardenisers within an urban/community garden, etc. – so that they can be “visible” and cascade knowledge for the training format developed through this project.


  • A database allowing to match working demand with working supply through the selection and cross-reference of specific criteria in looking for/offering jobs – for instance, geographic proximity, linguistic knowledge, training in a specific area, expertise in a specific field/subject etc.


  • The organisations (public or private bodies) that wants to implement at a local level the Gardeniser Pro pathway (training + learning or work-based experience) can ask for an account on the platform that allows them to access a dedicated section where it is possible to specify the characteristics of the pathway proposed (hours and number of modules covered by training, hours of internship etc.) necessary to generate and issue the Licence and the relative ECVET credits. In this way, different countries across Europe can implement a training pathway that is standardised in its structure. The Gardeniser Licence also remains standardised and the ECVET system allows its recognition and adaptation in the national professional and educational systems.


  • A section that presents and gives access to the learning platform developed by the previous project EU’GO which contains resources and good practices in 5 languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish) that can be useful tools for gaining more information and knowledge.


How you can use the platform

The user of the Gardeniser Pro online platform can use the platform in a variety of different ways. He/she can, for example can:

  • Search for Gardenisers or trainers
  • Search by location
  • Search by skill
  • Search the availability of jobs
  • Find a description of the Gardeniser licence and where to obtain it
  • Download or access documents, tools, training materials etc.

The Gardeniser Online Platform is a valuable tool that can help create opportunities for networking between Gardenisers and urban gardens and that can foster the employability of the new professional figure promoted by the project.