Pedagogical tools


Trainers Library will be a platform (website) where all the necessary resources will be available for a young worker or trainer to be able to develop skills that will allow them to work successfully with groups of young people and individuals within an Erasmus plus programme, but also with many other national, regional and local programmes. 

My Story Map

Educational strategies based on the pedagogical use of digital story mapping with the aim of re-engaging young people in learning activities and, through the use of the produced tools, preventing other young people from prematurely dropping out of the educational and training system. The project develops an intersectoral and strategic approach that can be adopted and implemented by schools, vocational training institutions, lifelong learning centres, youth centres and organisations, with the macro objective of integrating social innovation into education.


The aim of the COMP-PASS (Competence Passport) project, which lasts 24 months, is to develop the social integration of young people who are not in education, employment or trainings (NEET) through a guided pathway closely related to their skills and needs