Project co-financed by Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 2 Strategic Innovation Partnerships


The aim of the COMP-PASS (Competence Passport) project, which lasts 24 months, is to develop the social integration of young people who are not part of any education, employment or trainings (NEET) - more than 14 million in the European Union- through a guided pathway closely related to their skills and needs. The idea is to encourage NEET to engage again in a project: education, training, involvement in an association, finding new motivations to look for a job. COMP-PASS is one of the innovative measures that can provide ideas and tools to address this emergency in youth work and specifically with this category of young people. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ strategic partnerships programme and aims to build a training pathway for youth workers, educators, teachers and a part of the direct implementation of these competences with NEET youngsters.

COMP-PASS project actions

The first stage takes place in SLOVENIA where a training course on storytelling, and especially digital storytelling, led to the drafting of a practical guide to the use of this tool for gamification of the process of reviewing their experiences in search of skills that are not so much among those gained through formal education, a process often interrupted by NEETs, but it enhances and highlights those skills gained through non-formal and informal experiences. A way of seeing and presenting oneself to others that becomes communication to the outside world and a way to see oneself again in the possible future: resuming interrupted studies, undertaking new ones, activating on training initiatives or looking for employment opportunities or young entrepreneurship.

The second training step will take place in ITALY where a training course, carried out according to the REAL-E method (Repère, Adaptation, Limit, Echange), will combine digital storytelling with work with NEET youngsters in educational environments (youth centres and schools).

In particular, the use of a platform specifically designed for the construction of a personal E-portfolio for each youngster who will support in the process of enhancing their skills and attitudes will be tested. The course includes a morning training phase directed to operators who, in the afternoon, will be able to directly assist young people involved in experimenting the approach and tools promoted by the project.

Starting from the school recovery, structured paths will be tested on the Comp-Pass project developed in agreement with local institutions and social services and targeted in addition to NEET and also to those young people at high risk of school drop-out, as a measure of prevention.

International partnership

The international partners of the project are: • Pistes- Solidaires, Francia • Associação Mais Cidadania (AMC), Portogallo • Asociación intercultural Cazalla (Cazalla), Spagna • Fekete sereg Ifjúsági Egyesület, Ungheria • Kulturno izobrazevalno drustvo Pina (Pina), Slovenia • Replay Network, Italia • Know & Can, Bulgaria

Comp-Pass E-Portfolio

The access to the Comp-Pass E-portfolio takes place through a specific portal already available in 10 languages.