Project co-financed by Erasmus+ Adult Education, Key Action 2 - Exchange of good practices


Gardeniser PLUS is a project that promotes the exchange of good practices for professionals and volunteers who wish to develop their competences and discover existing practices in the reality of urban community gardens in Europe.


Community gardens play an increasingly important role in public policy, due to their social and environmental role. Far from being a trend, community gardens have entered a dynamic that has lasted for several decades and are now at the center of the action of municipalities, regions and federations. Their role is also recognized at European level, with many projects funded by European programs (URBACT, Horizon 2020, Erasmus Plus).


Gardeniser PLUS, which brings together 7 countries (France, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark) is a project for the exchange of good practices that aims, through a series of learning activities, to bring together professionals and volunteers who work in community gardens, whatever their legal form, to allow the transfer of knowledge and innovation. In total, 70 people will benefit from mobility in the 7 countries: 14 trainers and 56 Gardenisers. Gardeniser Plus will seek to maximize the impact of the project in all partner countries, to reach a diversity of profiles, organizations and territories.


  • train trainers who can organize local training courses for the management of community gardens
  • develop the skills of Gardenisers and community garden volunteers through local training and through learning activities abroad
  • encourage volunteers to get involved in the path of recognition of the Gardeniser professional figure that has been developed in recent years in Europe through the previous Eu'Go, Gardeniser and Gardeniser Pro projects


The project will develop into three main phases: training of trainers on the basis of a pre-existing training format developed within the European projects Gardeniser and Gardeniser Pro; organization of learning activities abroad to allow the exchange of good practices; local multiplier laboratories. Through the exchange of practices and experiences of professionals and volunteers, the Gardeniser Plus project will allow, following the previous EU'GO, Gardeniser and Gardeniser Pro projects, to strengthen the skills of its actors, to promote the sustainability of community gardens and to show their potential to various policy makers.


The international consortium of partners is formed by organisations with a large experience in different fields (training, participated processes, urban community gardens and social farms): Conservatoire des Legumes Anciens du Bearn (France), Pistes-Solidaires (France), Social Farms & Gardens (United Kingdom), REPLAY Network (Italy), MOBILIZING EXPERTISE AB (Sweden), Gartenpolylog - GärtnerInnen der Welt kooperieren (Austria), GMINA MIEJSKA KRAKOW - MIASTO NA PRAWACH POWIATU (Poland), VEJLE KOMMUNE (Denmark).


18 months, from 01 October 2020 to 31 March 2022.