Project co-financed by the Erasmus+ Adult education programme, Key Action 2 strategic partnership for innovation.


The project aims to invent and disseminate new forms of adult education, in particular by taking into account inclusive education aimed at people with low skills and low competences. 
The challenges of disseminating new knowledge and skills, in attractive forms, are now at the centre of international interest and are one of the most important objectives and priorities of adult education in Erasmus+. 


Eurostat  data points out crucial information about  obstacles in taking up the education. In age group between 25-64 the most reason are: a lack of necessity of father education (around 75%), family responsabilities (40%) or overlapping working hours  with trainings (33%). Other significant reason is the rectulance to come back to anything reminding school. Those data says a lot about the necessity of creating and educational offer flexible and not linked with formal education. Widely understood educators face a challenge of making people they work be aware of the necessity of lifelong learning. 
Education of adults doesn't meet their needs (Eurostat research  proves that for over 75% declared motivations are rooted in professional duties), while it is crucial for ability of fast adaptation to constantly changing demands of reality.
 The particular challenges are faced by educators working on inclusion of persons with low basic competences (writing, reading, mathematical thinking), which in developed countries accounts for 20-25% of the total population. 
So, the diagnoses and forecasts indicate the need to broaden and increase the importance of inclusive education, especially for adults with low competences, as well as to change its form and search for new paths to reach potential recipients with knowledge and competences. It poses challenges mainly to educators. Therefore, the aim of the project is to broaden and develop the  competences of broadly understood adult education staff mainly in area of teaching adults with low skills. Challenges of inclusive education have a global scope and recquire international cooperation. Exchange and joint work on both methodology and inclusive education techniques in the light of the challenges anf ineffectiveness of traditional institutions can translate into solutions with hight international potential. Although the group of direct recipients are brodly understood educators (ona a pan-European scale what constitutes a diversified substantive and competent partnership), the impact of the project will primarily affect adults with low qualifications.



The specific objectives of the EDUCATION BY THE WAY project will be:

  • Change the way of perceiving education by the people of low scholarization

  • Inventing new methods and approaches and a guide for trainers and social activists wich would show how to create the educational process/settle in order to achieve educational goals  for groups declaring aversion to mainly formal education.

  • Exchange and transfer good practices between experiences of trainers who achieved educational goals with those groups.


The project involves a partnership of expert organisations in the field of adult education (STOWARZYSZENIE TRENEROW ORGANIZACJI POZARZADOWYCH Poland, ASOCIACE ODBORNIKU V ANDRAGOGICE, Czech Republic, EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE EDUCATION OF ADULTS Belgium, KANSANVALISUSSEURA Finland) and non-formal education (REPLAY NETWORK Italy). The project can therefore count on a relevant experience in the educational programs of European cooperation and can avail itself of the support of associated partners of depth and relevance also academic.


25 months

The International webpage dedicated to the project is available here