Active Seniors

Project funded by the Erasmus+ Adult Education program, Key Action 2 strategic partnerships for innovation

International and Local Active Seniors (ACTIVE SENIORS)

The project aims to contribute to good practices in improving social inclusion for older generations through staying active through learning, volunteering and contributing to the wellbeing of society. The project partners come from six countries (France, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom) and each will share their geographical, cultural and historical perspective to create products and work methodologies that can work effectively (with minor adaptations where required ) in a transnational level

The European demographic data show an increase in the average age of the population in all countries due to the double tendencies of increased longevity and reduced birth rates. The freedom to travel for work and travel in Europe is a great positive advantage of the Union, but has led many families to face greater separation distance, with the young and old generations living in different countries. This aspect reduces the traditional support of the family and a consequent increase in isolation among previous generations.

Situazione demografica in Europa


At any age and particularly in old age, social isolation and low levels of self-confidence can significantly reduce the sense of individual well-being, often with access to public services for support.

The actions of Active Seniors

The project will develop a model to address these issues through the creation of the "Learning through Volunteering" training course and support for ten senior participants (over the age of 50) in each country to volunteer locally (6) and / or at the transnational level (4).

Each international partner will also have the opportunity to send their own staff (6) to the various countries to study the local situation and exchange practices and ideas for action.

The training course for 10 seniors in each country aims to increase self-confidence, create new social networks and develop the ability to be active through volunteering as a learning experience that can improve transversal skills and raise awareness of their needs to continue learning. The course will alternate work sessions in the group and at a distance independently, preparing participants for the experience of voluntary work or local or international.

Through the involvement of the organisations themselves, which are willing to welcome the various volunteer experiences of senior participants both Italian (who carry out it locally) and foreign (who carry it out internationally in Italy), a course will be realised to prepare the volunteer for the "reception and induction (training)" phases, that is the necessary shrewdness and actions that can favour a positive integration of the volunteer who, even if for a short period of time becomes an integral part of the life of the organisation itself.

In each country two public multiplier events will be held, one at the halfway point of the course when the training courses are launched and one at the end of the project to share the results.