Gardeniser Pro

Project co-funded by Erasmus+ VET, Key Action 2 Strategic Innovation Partnerships



Gardeniser pro aims to create and test an innovative and European educational pathway to support the professional development of a new figure, the garden-organiser=GARDENISER, who will strengthen knowledge, skills and competences, testing the validation of learning through ECVET,  in order to create the basis for the recognition of education and training systems at regional and national levels, to promote employment.

The history of the Gardeniser project

In line with the Europe 2020 strategy's priority initiative "An agenda for new skills and jobs", the professional figure of the Gardeniser can be included among the so-called "green jobs", finding in fact its natural connection within that new and strategic sector, with high employment potential, which is defined as green economy. The project proposal starts from the deepening, through the European project EU'GO, of the functioning and the versatility of the shared urban garden as a place of sociality, inclusion, participation and citizenship and from the identification, thanks to the previous project Gardeniser, of a key figure of coordination within them, halfway between the educational and the technical. The two European projects mentioned above, developed within LLP by partners and staff involved in the present project Gardeniser pro, have not only delineated an innovative professional environment but have also highlighted the need for an intervention on training and recognition of the skills of the garden-organiser figure. The situation of Gardeniser in Europe, which goes hand in hand with that of shared urban gardens, is very heterogeneous: countries such as France or the United Kingdom, for example, provide for basic training; in Italy, although in fact in the reality of gardens such a role exists, gardeniser is neither recognized nor has access to training or recognition.

The figure of the Gardeniser

Often the coordinator of shared urban gardens is a gardener but not an animator/educator and therefore lacks preparation in the social field and the inclusion of people at risk of marginalization; vice versa there are cases in which he is an educator/animator but lacking in the technical field of green care; The role of the gardeniser is also fundamental in communicating with the outside world, as he/she is in fact a mediator between citizens who participate in the garden and the institutions, and in the organisation and management of the sustainability of the garden itself. The result is a complex figure and the need to respond to a training need that includes learning in different areas. Gardeniser pro aims, through international cooperation between partners with diversified backgrounds and expertise in the field of education, urban gardens and vocational training in Italy, Great Britain, Germany, France and Greece, to build a European format in VET transferable, thanks to the ECVET credit system, and the creation of a gardeniser's patent achievable through this path.


Project actions

An online platform will be created to connect the Gardeniser profiles that obtain this patent and the network of national and international urban gardens, as a tool to facilitate the match between supply and demand for work.

The quality and homogeneity of the training format and of the relative validation system will be ensured by an international training for trainers through which 2 gardenisers for each organisation will be trained and prepared to deliver the course for Gardenisers previously studied and developed. 

Once the pool of European trainers has been established, the Gardeniser pro pathway will be addressed to 20 aspiring Gardenisers from each participating country, i.e. young people and adults who already work in various capacities in shared urban gardens, both in the public and private sectors, and who want to enrich or complete the skills necessary to play the role of COORDINATOR OF SHARED URBAN GARDENS. The experimentation will also aim to build the conditions for a sustainable action even after the end of the project, thanks to the involvement of local authorities that manage VET curricula and the synergies that will be built in the specific professional field between public and private, between training institutions and the world of work.

An integral part of the pathway for the aspiring gardeners will be a training experience at local level and, for 8 of the participants of each organization, at international level in the partner organizations, to improve specific and transversal skills through practice, and for the ones that will go abroad, provide an opportunity for internationalization of the same.

The European website of the project

A European website dedicated to the project is online and available here:

The project latest developments and all the project results will be published and accessible on that website.

The European Partnership

Gardeniser pro is a 30-month strategic partnership for the development of innovation, a project involving 5 organisations from 5 European countries: REPLAY NETWORK (ITALY) as applicant and coordinator, Pistes Solidaires (FRANCE), Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens (UK), PETRARCA - EUROPEISCHE AKADEMIE FUR LANDSCHAFTSKULTUR-DEUTSCHAND E.V. (GERMANY), ECTE - European Center in Training for Employment (GREECE). Gardeniser pro aims to create and test an innovative and European training path in support of the professional development of a new figure, the garden-organiser=GARDENISER, who will strengthen knowledge, skills and competences, testing the validation of learning through ECVET, in order to create the basis for its recognition in vocational education and training systems at regional and national level, thereby promoting their employability.