Project co-financed by Erasmus+ Adult Education, Key Action 2 Strategic Innovation Partnerships


Non-formal education strategies applied to a formal context to facilitate the integration of migrants and recent refugees".


The current geopolitical situation in Europe with regard to migration flows and refugees resulting from conflicts and socio-economic problems in countries of origin requires host countries to develop an educational strategy to support migrants and recent refugees in acquiring skills and capacities that facilitate their integration into European host societies. It is in this context that intercultural learning in adult education must play a central role in supporting migrants and refugees to develop skills that are useful for their social integration within the host communities. Adult learning is challenged to act seriously and professionally in the face of this new social reality to reduce inequality by promoting the value of diversity and the principles of equality, justice and freedom. In order to provide an educational response that values intercultural education and pays real attention to diversity, it is essential that teachers and the operators know the relevant aspects of cultures and know how to make a work plan suitable for all apprentices, focusing on the educational integration of immigrants through learning the language and culture of the host countries.


Develop an educational strategy to support the development of skills and competences of migrants and refugees that will facilitate their integration into the host society.


To complement the non-formal education tools with an empirical approach regarding the training curriculum of Adult Education Centres for migrants and/or recent refugees.

Develop an online Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for educators interested in improving the skills needed to facilitate the integration of migrants and recent refugees into the host society.

Understand the educational needs of migrants and recent refugees in order to be able to formulate a response for them from existing adult education institutions.



The project partnership is made up of organisations working in the field of learning through international mobility, schools working in the field of adult education and language teaching and organisations involved in the reception of migrants and refugees: CAZALLA Intercultural (Spain),  ALTO GUADALENTIN (Spain),  REPLAY NETWORK (Italy), ISOLA VERDE (Italy),  HORS PISTES (France), CRI PACA (France).


 24 Months