Gardeniser Hub: Apprenticeship in Rome

May 19, 2:58 pm

While our Gardenisers, Salvatore and Agnese, flew to London for their training as a trainer of Gardenisers, from England and Scotland Orsetta and Elinor have come to Rome.

In the Municipality of Rome VIII for the PUC 'La Bella Scuola', the two trainers guided the beneficiaries of the citizenship income in the realisation of a 'special project' concerning kindergartens and nursery schools in the San Paolo area. In collaboration with the teachers of Peter Pan Island, part of the garden is being transformed into a real outdoor education pathway: sight, touch and smell are all stimulated and accompanied by this pathway that will soon be ready, also thanks to the precious advice of the British trainers who joined us thanks to the European project Gardeniser Hub.

In addition, Elinor and Orsetta joined Andrea Messori of Replay Network aps at the international seminar, organised by the Erasmus+ National Agency INAPP. It was an opportunity to present the Gardeniser pro training and its results, but above all to highlight its developments and the impact it is having in terms of sustainability, learning and community empowerment, at European level and also outside Europe.

Another part of their training in Rome, Elinor and Orsetta spent together with the Italian Gardeniser trainers Luigi, Alberto, Andrea and Mattia, sharing their expertise and ideas for the Gardeniser course to be held in Rome in July 2022.