The resources created by the project will be soon available. The work process involved professionals from Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and France.

Digital education can bring an added value to Vocational Education and Training. The DigiVET project contributed to the promotion of digital tools and the development of digital resources useful for teachers and students. Have a look at the overall project impact🎯

The DigiVET HUB contains at the moment 18 minimodules with digital resources for students, on various topics.

The role of digital education in the learning process in vocational education and training...

In participating in the DigiVET project, I discovered some digital tools that I did not know...

The European project DigiVET project has created different resources for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) field, including the DigiVET e-Learning training programme.

The 7 project partner organisations gathered for the final meeting.

What was it like to develop digital resources for the training module on MUSEAL EDUCATION? Professor Cecilia Bernabei tells us...

Professor Cecilia Bernabei from the De Amicis - Cattaneo Institute in Rome tells us about the research carried out in the context of the European project DigiVET.

The European project reached teachers, students, gardeners, educators and communities around urban community gardens in a significant way, through an integrated approach combining formal, non-formal and informal education, outdoor education and digital learning.