Watch the video testimony of Claudio Bordi on his apprenticeship during the Gardeniser pro training course in Vienna.

Digital transition has the power, if carefully regulated and managed, to improve our lives.

London. Assat. Vienna. Rome. The European cities that saw the Gardeniser trainers carry out their apprenticeship.

Covid 19 has inevitably brought schools closer to digital education

The training programme for trainers of Gardenisers

Tra gli ortisti impegnati c'è anche chi oltre al giardinaggio assume ruoli chiave di coordinamento. Li chiameremo Gardenisers...

To facilitate inclusion, cultural diversity and help counter invisible racism

Agnese Sciotti, our Gardeniser trainer talks about her experience of her apprenticeship in London...

LONDON. ASSAT. VIENNA. ROME. The four cities that saw Gardeniser trainers from the four partner countries of the Gardniser Hub project carry out their apprenticeships. The Conservatoire des Légumes Anciens du Béarn (CLAB) welcomed the implementation of the Gardenizer Pro course in Assat, Pau (…

While our Gardeniser, Salvatore Lamancusa, flew to London for his training as a trainer of Gardenisers, from England and Scotland Orsetta and Elinor came to Rome.