The future of youth work is the theme of the third edition of the international event...

EU Survey, moving towards improving quality recognition of youth work... also in Italy

Today we start the training course in the frame of the European project EVE - European Volunteers for the Environment, with the participation of Linkiostro youth centre.

Looking for new learning tools? You can take inspiration from the GUIDE and the MOOC on youth transversal competences

The calendar is online: Gardener, Gardeniser PRO, Garseniser EDU and Gardeniser GOV training events in Colombia for 2024

18 professionals at the 17th ITF in Ireland

The resources created by the project will be soon available. The work process involved professionals from Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and France.

Digital education can bring an added value to Vocational Education and Training. The DigiVET project contributed to the promotion of digital tools and the development of digital resources useful for teachers and students. Have a look at the overall project impact🎯

The DigiVET HUB contains at the moment 18 minimodules with digital resources for students, on various topics.

The role of digital education in the learning process in vocational education and training...