E-STAR: The research

November 23, 3:27 pm

During the first half of 2020 the project partners engaged in a process of research and reflection at local level in the 4 countries involved, a work necessary to structure the E-STAR Manual and Toolkit. This is the first intellectual product of the E-STAR project, supported by the Erasmus+ program. It will be available in English and in all the languages ​​of the partnership (Spanish, Hungarian, Norwegian and Italian) and aims to provide youth workers with a theoretical basis accompanied by ideas, reflections and activities useful for working with young people on the issue of invisible racism, promoting their awareness and learning.

The research focused on the partners' knowledge and experiences in the field of invisible racism and work with young people and produced several contributions that led to the first draft of the E-STAR Manual.

The Manual aims to facilitate the access of youth workers to transferable learning methods, approaches and good practices, easy to use in different contexts and with different target groups and is based on the following premise:

We might argue that there is only one race: the human race. That our different ethnicity doesn't define our value as a person, our personal or professional roles ("I don't want to talk about race because if I do, I stop being an artist, an educator, a godfather, (...) and most of all, human."). But talking about racism and educating against racism is a must in order to bring to surface our invisible racism and work on dismantling it.